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Re: Pluck No More

Posted by elizabeth on 4/15/06
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    for my birds I give them a bath with hot water when i use a mister bottle. yes I said
    hot :-), check prior to spraying, i use my arm that when it comes out it is a warm to
    cool. cold water = very cold water after being sprayed through a mister. i like it to be
    warm, more pleasant i think, and my cockatoo does prefer the warm water as she gets much
    more excited than with the cooler water.

    i soak mine as well (not all the time, i let her "show" me, sometimes i have to refill the
    bottle 3 times and it is a BIG bottle), though she is not a feather picker...she also
    comes right in the shower with me, she sits on the back of my kids little desk chair til i
    am done and clean...then she comes in on my arm and she loves it. now that said, i know it
    is unusual but she LOVES it, so who am I to tell her she is odd? bathing more is actually
    helps alot of feather pluckers, i try to bathe her in one form or another several times a

    if you are a smoker wash your hands prior to holding her - the nicotine and chemicals can
    transfer to her feathers and feet and cause the itchies. same thing if you smoke in the
    house or same room, which is a big no-no due to how sensitive a birds resp. system is.

    i would keep with the spraying her -- you can add some to her drinking water as well, but
    i would wait for that and see if this works.

    ~best wishes~