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Re: Stolen Birds

Posted by phil/wild on 4/20/06
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    Hi. Sorry to hear about your loss. I live in Riverside
    county. I will keep a good look out for bird for sale. Do you
    have any photos? Again Sorry about your loss. Hopefully they
    will be returned and the thiefs "slammed in jail" where they

    Warmest Regards phil/wildomar

    On 4/19/06, Becky wrote:
    > Hi, I live in San Diego, CA.
    > Please be on the lookout for my feathered children.
    > I am desparately trying to find my Babies.
    > PLEASE! share this with everyone you know. Maybe someone
    > might see or hear of something.
    > A terrible thing has happened to me, when I came home the
    > evening of Tuesday April 11th 2006. I came home to find my
    > home ransacked. The most devastating part about this is
    > that all my birds were stolen along with the replaceable
    > jewelry.
    > I had 4 birds that were my BABIES.
    > Roscoe is a Bare Eyed Cockatoo with orange in his Crest and
    > Tail but his Wings have yellow.
    > Peaches is a Very tame Peach Faced Love Bird but he is
    > missing an eye.
    > Cosmo is an African Gray Parrot, African Gray's are Gray
    > but have a very distinctive Red Tail. He has one spot on
    > his chest that has a stand alone red feather.
    > Smeagle is also a Love Bird but he has Teal Blue with a
    > Grayish white Face and he loves people.
    > I have been trying to distribute fliers to pet stores and
    > Vets. I know that there are so many people who have
    > animals that are their family.
    > My birds were are my babies...and part of my
    > reason for going Home everyday.
    > I have my dog who I am sure was upset while these "animals"
    > (the thieves) were disrupting her home and have taken her
    > family from her.
    > Lady and I miss them and I am trying to do anything to find
    > them.