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Re: Stolen Birds

Posted by Kitty.J on 4/25/06
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    On 4/19/06, Becky wrote:
    > Hi, I live in San Diego, CA.
    > Please be on the lookout for my feathered children.
    > I am desparately trying to find my Babies.
    > PLEASE! share this with everyone you know. Maybe someone
    > might see or hear of something.
    > A terrible thing has happened to me, when I came home the
    > evening of Tuesday April 11th 2006. I came home to find my
    > home ransacked. The most devastating part about this is
    > that all my birds were stolen along with the replaceable
    > jewelry.
    > I had 4 birds that were my BABIES.
    > Roscoe is a Bare Eyed Cockatoo with orange in his Crest
    > Tail but his Wings have yellow.
    > Peaches is a Very tame Peach Faced Love Bird but he is
    > missing an eye.
    > Cosmo is an African Gray Parrot, African Gray's are Gray
    > but have a very distinctive Red Tail. He has one spot on
    > his chest that has a stand alone red feather.
    > Smeagle is also a Love Bird but he has Teal Blue with a
    > Grayish white Face and he loves people.
    > I have been trying to distribute fliers to pet stores and
    > Vets. I know that there are so many people who have
    > animals that are their family.
    > My birds were are my babies...and part of my
    > reason for going Home everyday.
    > I have my dog who I am sure was upset while
    these "animals"
    > (the thieves) were disrupting her home and have taken her
    > family from her.
    > Lady and I miss them and I am trying to do anything to
    > them.

    I am sorry that this has happened to you. I pray that you
    get all of your babies back into your hands unharmed and not
    a feather out of place. I also wish to see this crminal,
    this birdnapper, this..THIS theif to go to jail or something
    ill falls his way. I am trully upset this happened, it just
    shows us how evil people are and how greedy and... you are
    in my houghts and whoever else this happens to