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Re: My U2 and the blowdryer

Posted by MKay on 4/24/06
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    On 4/24/06, Dawn wrote:
    > My U2 seems to be infatuated with my blow dryer. Any time
    > she hears me blowing my hair out, she comes running to
    > stand in the stream of air. Regardless of whether it is
    > warm or cool air, she seems to really enjoy it. It almost
    > seems as though this is some mating ritual?? Does anyone
    > have any ideas or knowledge about this??

    I don't know if this is why, but the sound a hairdryer makes
    sounds like a call (some say scream) of a cockatoo. Does
    yours make this noise sometimes, in 2-3-second birds? I met
    a sulpher crested this weekend that made that noise, long
    and strong when an unfavorable person was coming too close
    to him.