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Post: Does Your Parrot Bite, Scream or Pluck?

Posted by New York Companion Bird Club on 4/30/06

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    Saturday, MAY 13th
    1-4 pm

    Living and Learning with Parrots:
    The Fundamental Principles of Behavior

    a seminar conducted by Dr. Suzanne Loftus, Psy.D.

    242 E. 53 St, New York, NY
    next to Quest Book Shop
    (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues)

    This workshop is an abbreviated version of Dr. Susan
    Friedman's landmark LLP class designed to teach
    participants how parrots learn (see This session will be taught by
    Suzanne Loftus, Psy.D., who has worked closely with Dr.
    Friedman for several years, disseminating best practices
    to improve the lives of companion parrots.

    The workshop will provide a general introduction to
    applied behavior analysis, which is the science-based
    training technology you can use to teach your parrot
    successful companion behaviors and prevent and reduce
    behavior problems. Participants will learn to analyze the
    ways in which your interactions and environmental
    arrangements lead to and maintain existing problem
    behaviors and how to use the least intrusive, most
    positive solutions to prevent and solve them.

    Suzanne Loftus, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist with 25
    years of clinical experience. She has lived with and
    learned from parrots for 10 years. In 2001 she took Dr.
    Susan Friedman's Living and Learning with Parrots to learn
    more about using Applied Behavior Analysis with her own
    flock and became a Teaching Assistant for the class this
    year. Dr. Loftus is also an active member of the Parrot
    Behavior Analysis Solutions internet list, assisting with
    list management and guiding caregiver's to solve parrot
    behavior problems with cutting edge, science-based methods.

    Members: $30 Single; $50 Couple
    Non Members: $40 Single; $65 Couple
    Pls RSVP:

    Vive Nutrition Bar for Birds, courtesy of
    will be given out to all participants.

    Refreshments will be served.


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