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Re: keep or not to keep?

Posted by Susan on 5/05/06
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    I have a Goffin also, only 4 years old though. Mine came to
    me the way yours did. He is just starting to get friskie.
    But I have noticed I have to change his toys around the cage
    alot. I also have to buy new ones too. May be you can try
    that and see what happens. Really fill up the cage with
    toys. Also get a new purch for out of the cage time too put
    lots of toys on it. I think may be she is just board, not
    Let me know how it goes

    On 5/05/06, annette wrote:
    > I'm in a little pickle here and could use some help. I
    > have had my goffin for about 6 years now and I love her
    > dearly. Here's the problem, how do you know if a bird is
    > not happy in thier home? She is 16 now, when I first got
    > her she was a horrible, horrible screamer, she plucked all
    > the time all the things you would expect form a neglected
    > goffin. I was told she had been neglected for about 4-5
    > years and had issuess, so it was no suprise. Yes, being in
    > the too family she is clingy and such and this is all
    > expected, fine no problem. I took her anyway and it took
    > alot of work, but she quit getting up at 3am screaming.
    > She now plays (she had never had a toy in her cage before
    > and was teriffied of them, can you imagine?), she will
    > hang from her rope toys, chase the dogs, says hi when my
    > hubby gets home from work untill he answers her, says her
    > name whenever she wants, has such a food variety now she
    > doesnt know what to eat first, I mean she has really come
    > a long way. But now she just never seems, I dont know,
    > satisfied? If shes not out of her cage she will literally
    > scream for hours, and I dont mean once in a while I mean
    > every day.(yes I know she's a too) When she is out with me
    > she only wants to "mate" with my hand(or my dog)and yes I
    > know mating season and all that but she tries to mate with
    > me any time she is out and thats all she wants no matter
    > time of year, day or night. Other than that she doesnt
    > seem to care if I pet/play with her or not. Could she have
    > been a breeder at one time and I was just lied to? She
    > wont play with me any more(or my husband but she will go
    > and sit by him) If the kids(and I'm talking 14 & 18 not
    > little ones)try to pet her she wont allow it. She was
    > doing so well, but for the last year and a half it seems
    > all my progress with her just came to a halt. I have read
    > The Second Hand Parrott and a lot of other books and I
    > have tried it all. Do you think now that she is more
    > socialable she just isnt happy here? I mean nothing has
    > changed here. (I havent even rearranged my furniture)Does
    > anyone have any ideas as to what would cause this or how I
    > can remedy it? I dont want to rehome her or anything, but
    > I dont know how to get that happy bird back. Any help
    > would be soo great. Thanks for reading my post
    > Annette