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Re: keep or not to keep?

Posted by Anette on 5/06/06
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    On 5/06/06, Toby's Mom wrote:
    > Your comment "if shes not out of her cage she will literally
    > scream for hours, and I dont mean once in a while I mean
    > every day.(yes I know she's a too)" struck me. Our conure
    > would scream for hours also if he wasn't out of his cage when
    > we are home. So he is out of his cage when we are in house
    > (except at night when we cover him at bedtime). He is content
    > to return to his cage when we leave the house. Maybe you could
    > make certain your birdie gets alot of time out of his cage.
    > Now if he is one those birds that likes to climb off his cage
    > and walk around on the floor, now that's another problem.

    I have plenty of toys for her, and yes Tobys Mom, she's a
    traveler alright, but that isnt so much a problem untill she
    tries to mate with the dog. The vet says shes healthy and
    everything is fine. She gets out ALOT as I work out of my home.
    I just dont know what else to do to calm her to the happy bird
    she was and not this big screecher mating machine she has
    become. She gets to bed early enough and she has a well rounded
    diet. I'm just at a loss. Thanks for the responces. Any other
    ideas let me know.