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Re: keep or not to keep?

Posted by annette on 5/09/06
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    On 5/07/06, Fran wrote:
    > Annette, ask a certified avian vet about Lupron injections for your
    bird. Lupron is quite
    > successful in stopping excessive egg laying but I don't know of it's
    effectiveness in breeding
    > type behavior. It would take a very knowlegeable avian vet to know
    if it will help and the
    > correct dosage. Good luck.

    I dont know if I want to subject her to injections. Is that safe? And
    is it healty so put her through that? I've heard of the injections,
    but I dont know like how often she would have to go and get them and
    such. I guess I just dont like the idea of having to subject her to
    something like that if I can find an alternative. I have a realy good
    vet and so I'm not worried that way. It just seems kind of harsh when
    shes not laying eggs, she just wants to mate. My husband and I had
    talked about getting her a playmate but shes (not to my knowledge
    anyway) ever liked other birds. From what I was told she goes after
    them. We have to keep our teil away from her as well or she tries to
    bite. So we figured a playmat was out of the question. I'm just not
    sure what to do anymore.