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Re: keep or not to keep?

Posted by Fran on 5/09/06
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    > I dont know if I want to subject her to injections. Is that safe? And
    > is it healty so put her through that? I've heard of the injections,
    > but I dont know like how often she would have to go and get them and
    > such. I guess I just dont like the idea of having to subject her to
    > something like that if I can find an alternative. I have a realy good
    > vet and so I'm not worried that way. It just seems kind of harsh when
    > shes not laying eggs, she just wants to mate. My husband and I had
    > talked about getting her a playmate but shes (not to my knowledge
    > anyway) ever liked other birds. From what I was told she goes after
    > them. We have to keep our teil away from her as well or she tries to
    > bite. So we figured a playmat was out of the question. I'm just not
    > sure what to do anymore.
    > Annette

    Well Annette, since you mentioned getting rid of your bird, I figured
    you were getting to the point of desperation. I think the injections
    would be less stressful for her than passing her on to another owner.
    Anyway its your call if you want to discuss it with your vet or not.