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Re: in addition keep or not to keep

Posted by Cindy A on 5/06/06
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    On 5/05/06, annette wrote:
    > My biggest fear is if I do try to rehome her she will end
    > up in a bad home and I could NEVER let her suffer like she
    > once did. I would never, ever be able to forgive myself.
    > thats why I am try to get to the root of the problem.
    > annette

    I have a goffin also that cme from a bad situation. She is
    about 13. Some areas to look at for reasons that she screams:
    I live in a single home that is only about 4 feet from the
    next one. If something changes next door it will upset my
    bird. As soon as it gets warm the neighbors are out side
    until late at night= screaming bird
    My work hours are changed, family forgets to cover and tuck
    her in at a decent hour=tired, cranky screaming bird.
    More daylight hours= mating instincts kicking in.
    Stray animals prowling around house at night=screaming bird.
    I would try to have the bird get more sleep and look for
    things that may be going on where she hears them but you
    ignore because they don't concern you.
    I am very lucky that my neighbors also have birds. It took a
    while to figure out that when she heard the trash being drug
    to the curb at midnight (well after she was tucked in for
    sleep) it would just scare and piss her off. All I needed to
    do was ask my neighbors to just quietly tell her that it's
    ok, it's Manny taking out the trash. Not a big deal to them
    as last summer she learned all kinds of new naughty words in
    spanish from the 14 year old when he was on his computer near
    the window that matches up with the one near her cage! They
    talk back and forth for hours and he thought it was cool for
    her to be bi-lingual!
    Hope this gives you some ideas on what may be going on at
    your house.
    Good luck in figuring it out so everyone is happy,
    Cindy A