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Re: fraud alert question

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 5/07/06
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    If it was a postal money order, you can run a trace on it, for
    approx. $3.00. (to see if she has cashed it) After the USPS
    completes a payment inquiry on the status of the money order,
    a replacement can be issued, if it has not been cashed.

    But, it has more than likely been cashed. In which case, you
    will receive a copy of the cashed money order, with her
    signature on back.
    You could file a complaint with the attorney General's office
    in your state (and hers). Free to do online.
    They will contact her, regarding your complaint, to try to
    resolve the issue.
    Make sure you save all the emails she sent you !!
    Good luck.

    On 5/07/06, gail wrote:
    > On 5/07/06, Mary/NY wrote:
    >> In addition to my previous post the woman emailed me back
    >> and told me not to email her again or she was going to
    >> turn me in for harrassment.How do I go about getting my
    >> money from her?She claims she threw the money order
    >> away.DO I have to take legal actions?If so would it do any
    >> good or am I out $50?Any help will be appreciated.
    > Call the local police department and let them know, I think
    > that would constitute theft of some sort. Can you stop
    > payment on the money order? If it was a postal money order
    > you might contact your local postmaster for inof also.