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Re: u2 bit me for the first time! should I keep him?

Posted by Cherie on 5/24/06
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    On 5/23/06, Fran wrote:
    > Cherie, anyone who considers getting rid of his "compassionate"
    pet of three years
    > because of one bite is not bonded to the bird in the first place.
    Spraying the bird with
    > water for vocalizing (which is necessary for the mental well-
    being of a parrot) is abusing
    > their bird, I am shocked that you would not agree, since you work
    in rescue. Even Bob
    > concurs that he has gone too far with his punishment.
    > He keeps the bird covered and sprays him for 'screming" yet has
    not posted once for
    > help with that issue.
    > I feel sorry for this cockatoo, if this post is real (which I