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Re: u2 bit me for the first time! should I keep him?

Posted by Cherie on 5/24/06
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    I see your point, ok. But it is also a fact that people really have
    no clue on "proper" bird care. I think even a lack of stimulation
    (toys) is abuse. I think improper cage size is abuse...example...a
    cage that is way too small. But so many people do not realize this
    and I am shocked by what I have seen. Some people have no clue and
    this is scary.
    I just pray...if this post is real...that this bird does not
    languish in a dark closet or basement somewhere in America. Owning
    a large Too is a very serious commitment that most people can not
    cope with. My U2(Fabian) is very demanding. I love him dearly and
    would take nothing for him. I also knew how to reach out for help
    and had /have a great support of other bird friends.
    This post really bothered me for some reason? But sometimes Fran,
    there really are people that have no clue and are ignorant...not
    stupid, just ignorant.
    If you own a and I both know that you will get bit and
    its a very good chance of it.
    I feel for the bird as well, but maybe this post is not real. If
    its not, then its sick to post it.


    On 5/23/06, Fran wrote:
    > Cherie, anyone who considers getting rid of his "compassionate"
    pet of three years
    > because of one bite is not bonded to the bird in the first place.
    Spraying the bird with
    > water for vocalizing (which is necessary for the mental well-
    being of a parrot) is abusing
    > their bird, I am shocked that you would not agree, since you work
    in rescue. Even Bob
    > concurs that he has gone too far with his punishment.
    > He keeps the bird covered and sprays him for 'screming" yet has
    not posted once for
    > help with that issue.
    > I feel sorry for this cockatoo, if this post is real (which I