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Re: Found cockatoo

Posted by anonymous on 6/23/06
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    sound like someone is trying to score a bird that doesn't
    belong to them.

    On 6/22/06, my name is charlotte wrote:
    > On 5/25/06, pamela wrote:
    >> Found, large exotic bird in Colusa California area.
    >> Northern California. Call to identify. (530) 635-3243. You
    >> must know the breed, description and charateristics of the
    >> bird to claim.
    >> THANKS
    > i dont know but i have been hopeing to find cookie he a
    > suffer cresd cookatoo witch doesnt care for man will jump on
    > you arm when told with arm up he not a young bird and i do
    > miss him bad he with us 4 over 10 year i ve left a lost note
    > on line please be him thank you c craver