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Re: searching for male umbrella to mate female

Posted by Can't believe some people survive their own stupidity on 5/29/06
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    On 5/29/06, haha wrote:
    > hahahaha this is a cockatoo you are talking about, not a dog
    > which is for stud. cockatoos take weeks if not months to
    > bond if ever and stay as a mated pair for their whole
    > life... it dont work just putting them together for a few
    > hours and expecting babies... you need to do some serious
    > reaserch.

    ROTFLMMFAOPIMP!!! THATS FUNNY AS HELL. I guess some people
    don't have a clue. Sure put your pet too with a male for 5
    minutes and after he rips the beak off your pet you will see
    just how easy they will breed. Oh yeah breed em and you'll
    make a ton of money and save the species. LMAO. NOT.