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Post: male for my female Jessica

Posted by Donna on 5/29/06

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    Yes it is possiable to put your female with a male but be
    very carefull. They must get to know each other side by
    side in different cages and then take your time putting
    them in the same cage. I just sent my female to a breeder
    and it was the best thing i done for her. she's bonded
    with the male and is doing very well. The agreement I have
    with this breeder is if they do produce I get a baby if
    they don't then I get her back. But they will not probably
    breed right away if they do at all. There is no time limit
    you can put on them. Things just happen or they don't.
    Cockatoos are very hard to pair up thats true but you are
    not stupid for trying. And you probably know you can't
    stud a bird out like a dog. Good luck hope it all works

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