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Post: Might Adopt an Indian Ringneck

Posted by Jolene on 6/06/06

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    I have a friend of a friend who has a an IRN looking for a
    home. I went to check her out today and she looks ok.
    They have her on an enclosed porch seperate from the rest
    of the family. I saw a couple small wasp nests on the
    porch and there were a couple wasps flying around.

    She was scared, but not excessively a screamer for the
    half hour I was there. She only sounded off twice after
    we left the porch.

    I have a U2, Grey, and Cockateil - all rescues - so, I'm
    pretty well-versed in birdcare, but I just don't know
    anything about this breed. Is there anything ya'll can
    think of that I should consider before adopting this
    bird? If I do decide to take her, I'll need to bring her
    to my bird vet straightaway, just to ensure the health of
    my other guys.

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