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Re: Might Adopt an Indian Ringneck

Posted by Donna on 6/06/06
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    On 6/06/06, Jolene wrote:
    > I have a friend of a friend who has a an IRN looking for a
    > home. I went to check her out today and she looks ok.
    > They have her on an enclosed porch seperate from the rest
    > of the family. I saw a couple small wasp nests on the
    > porch and there were a couple wasps flying around.
    > She was scared, but not excessively a screamer for the
    > half hour I was there. She only sounded off twice after
    > we left the porch.
    > I have a U2, Grey, and Cockateil - all rescues - so, I'm
    > pretty well-versed in birdcare, but I just don't know
    > anything about this breed. Is there anything ya'll can
    > think of that I should consider before adopting this
    > bird? If I do decide to take her, I'll need to bring her
    > to my bird vet straightaway, just to ensure the health of
    > my other guys.

    Jolene Yes I raise Indian ringnecks. They are a great
    little bird. They have to be handled every day if not they
    get nippy and wild. What color is she? And have these
    people handled her much? You might have a challenge on your
    hands if she has not been handled much. For talking ability
    they are really good talkers. I have a little green one that
    I raised from an egg and he goes to work with me every day
    and talks as much or more then my grey. He's only 18 months
    old and just now starting to get his ring. Once this little
    girl gets settled in and bonds to you you'll love the
    ringnecks. Best of Luck Donna