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Re: looking for a mulican cockatoo

Posted by klmoore on 12/31/07
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    On 6/14/06, dawn wrote:
    > hello, I am searching for a mullican cockatoo or a fertile
    > egg. I dont have alot of money , but have tons and tons of
    > love to give it. I do have bird experience and love to
    > rescue animals. I have always wanted a mulcan cockatoo its
    > been my dream...
    > If you have one or know of anyone please let me know. he
    > or she would make a great part of my family.
    > thank you so much
    > dawn

    I am in care of a 14 year male Mullican Cockatoo. He
    recently lost his owner and is grieving his loss. He is
    plucking and looking a friegt right now. He is looking for
    someone to love and to love him. The family is asking $450
    for the bird and $200 for his playtop cage. If interested
    contact me at .