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Re: looking for a mulican cockatoo

Posted by Elizabeth on 6/18/06
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    The fertile egg thing is a scam. No reliable breeder will
    sell an egg to someone, or anyone for that matter, because
    the egg is our eventual baby. And frankly too much can go
    wrong - even vibrations can cause issues making an egg fail
    to hatch.

    That and you would need a quality incubater - which will set
    you back alot of $$$. You need to watch your humidity levels
    to have a succesfull baby hatch, etc. To much at stake...

    Second questions, the type of cockatoo you are looking for
    are ones that need special owners. They can be VERY loud,
    demanding, destructive and yes loveable, cute, cuddily....

    A decent cage is going to cost around 600, the one I
    recommend is about 1200-1400 - By the time you fit the bird,
    toys, dishes, perches etc. you need about at least 2 times
    as much cage as people plan.

    Not to mention vet costs, food etc. I would just think about
    what you want - you may very well find out you don't want a
    large too but would be happier with a smaller parrot.

    Please visit to listen to the noise level
    they can/most likely will once they reach maturity. (I do
    not agree with their idealogies are - but the noise level is

    I love cockatoos, I do, they just need SPECIAL owners. I
    think too many people think they can get a cute cuddily baby
    and it will be what they dreamed of. Any parrot has a mind
    of their own - and decide you are not what they dreamed of.

    (True too)


    On 6/14/06, dawn wrote:
    > hello, I am searching for a mullican cockatoo or a fertile
    > egg. I dont have alot of money , but have tons and tons of
    > love to give it. I do have bird experience and love to
    > rescue animals. I have always wanted a mulcan cockatoo its
    > been my dream...
    > If you have one or know of anyone please let me know. he
    > or she would make a great part of my family.
    > thank you so much
    > dawn