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Re: looking for a mulican cockatoo

Posted by in ohio on 6/19/06
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    On 6/14/06, dawn wrote:
    >I don't know what state you are in but there is a person in
    Ohio looking to sell a DNA'd male moluccan cockatoo. You can
    find it on I don't know the people and cannot
    vouch for them but I saw that ad earlier today. Good luck in
    your search.
    Here is a copy of the ad:

    For sale mollucan cockatoo and his large cage USD$450.00
    posted in Cockatoos from Cincinnati, Ohio by member hope2
    DNA male cockatoo, likes to be pet, and talked to but nees
    little work
    picking up. My little 6 y/o granddaughter will pet him. He
    is disease
    free, and comes with his paperwork. Needs new home can't
    stand the
    dust, causing our sneezing constantly. pictures available