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Re: looking for a mulican cockatoo

Posted by m2 owner on 8/13/06
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    Have you gotten a m2 yet?

    On 7/06/06, Anne Hammond wrote:
    > On 6/19/06, Cathi Gorman wrote:
    >> I have a Moluccan Cocatoo that is young (around 6 years old)
    >> and needs a good home. He comes with a large, high quality
    >> cage to a loving home. His name is STevie; and he is quite
    >> the character. Anyone may contact me that wishes to inquire
    >> about him. If you live near McKinney Texas, you can pick up,
    >> but the expense will be in the shipping if you are somewhere
    >> else.
    >> Cathi Gorman
    > Hello
    > My name is Anne I live in Michigan and my husband and I are in
    > search of a Moluccan we previously have had 1 but we had a house
    > fire in August of 2005 (Electrical Fire) and we lost our beloved
    > Toots to the fire and we have now rebuilt our home and our lives
    > and we would like to get another one
    > Please contact me in private if he is still available so I can
    > ask you a few questions
    > I anxiouslly await your response
    > Thank You for your time and consideration
    > Respectfully Yours
    > Anne Hammond