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Re: Umbrella Cockatoo Worries

Posted by Leann on 6/21/06
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    On 6/21/06, Leigh wrote:
    Let me guess, the web site is I found it after
    I put a deposit down on my moluccan baby. It almost made me
    change my mind. I am in a similar situation. I can't have
    human children, I don't work (if I ever do, it will be from
    home), and I will only be in school part time. I still worry
    about the future with her but I know that I can and will do
    everything in my power to see that she gets everything she
    can. I can give you the advice that several long term
    cockatoo owners gave and continue to give me. First of all,
    make sure you get a female baby. They are less likely to be
    as moody. Unless, you have a male parrot now. You dont want
    to mix sexes. Make sure that your baby weans on its own.
    Feed her a very well rounded diet. The web site has a great recipe. Make sure your baby
    has a very very large cage. It should be at minimum 4'x3x5'.
    She should have lots and lots of toys of several types. They
    don't have to be expensive. Many can be home made. Only give
    her the amount of attention now that you will be able to
    give her in 10 or 20 years. Cockatoos are extremely loud
    birds. Be prepared for her outbursts. I've heard several
    (cocka)toos screaming at one time. It's something else. You
    may want to consider not clipping her wings. I know some
    people disagree greatly but the site I mentioned above
    explains why this is important for parrots. They equate
    clipping the wings with cutting of the legs of children or
    hobbling slaves. Consider purchasing a harness for her so
    she can go places with you. Expose her to as many situations
    and people that you possibly can. Include small children
    even if you never plan to have any. Treat her and think of
    her like a toddler. Let her play outside somewhere safe. Do
    NOT incourage her to cry for attention no matter how cute it
    is. Be firm with her. Teach her step up and step down. It is
    very important that she be able to play on her own. She
    needs to have alone time everyday so that she isn't totally
    dependent on you for everything. Otherwise, she won't know
    what to do when you are gone. Be sure to get her from a
    breeder that is willing and able to help you whenever a
    situation arises. Consider joining a local bird club. Be
    sure to include your fiance in both her care and handling.
    I've noticed that some too owners seem to think that no one
    else is qualified to have a too, yet they continue to get
    more. I absolutely love my girl. My too is much more
    independent than I thought she would be. If possible, see if
    there is another bird lover that you could talk to and even
    get together sometimes for the birds to socialize, using
    precaution of course.
    OT- what state do you live in? what career are you going in
    I hope some of this helps.