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Re: Umbrella Cockatoo Worries, LONG

Posted by Elizabeth on 6/21/06
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    Only you can decide if you are right for a cockatoo. does show the overly *negative* side of
    owning a cockatoo - some people should not get a cockatoo,
    some people should not get a hamster, a fish or mealworms
    for that fact...that said, the site does show a side that
    most people don't want to talk about (or do but the
    endless "good" sites don't).

    On the flip side most cockatoos I know do NOT have the many
    issues they talked about. It is ALL about how they are
    raised - how they are taught throughout their lives. They
    are loud for the most part - their are exceptions but most
    are loud. I think that is the #1 reason why they are
    rehomed, could be wrong.

    I posted the link only to show the noise level - I hate
    people saying I want a cockatoo and have no idea what they
    are getting into (or any parrot). The site is good to show
    people what can happen if you have NO idea what you are
    doing with any living creature.

    Most people meet a cute cuddily parrot baby of any species
    and see how loveable they are, cuddily and just darn cute.
    My goal is to get people to see long term - past the baby
    learning how to be a parrot but a sexually mature companion
    who is not domesticated. Sounds rude - but people have to be
    prepared from the second they bring their parrot home to
    teach it what it needs to know for the rest of its life. My
    first goal (I am a small breeder) is to talk a buyer out of
    my babies. Why? Because I want them happy - the birds - if
    after talking at length about the pros & cons I talk about
    long term, alot. That all birds become sexually mature and
    the pet you bought who loved you decided to like your
    husband better, hates your son etc. Even the most
    expierenced parrot companion people make mistakes - we do,
    really - for a new parrot person without an expierence
    without the knowledge to "raise" your parrot you can be led

    Do I think that their are suitable homes out their? Yes. Are
    you one of them? I have no idea, I know personally I would
    rather stand in my bird room with every one of my pairs
    going than to be in the room with a happily expressing
    cockatoo. I just am NOT cut out for it.

    (I birdsat for a friend who had a M2 bc she had cancer, the
    human not bird- I was driven nuts. I loved the bird - I did -
    but I used to sit in the bathroom with the washer/dryer
    going for some peace when he was happily letting the world
    know he was ok.) Did I cry when he went home? Yes, do my
    ears ring when I think of him, YES~!

    My best suggestion would be to join some cockato groups -
    yahoo should have a chat group that you can join. Visit
    someone in your area if you can that has a cockatoo. They
    really are GREAT birds for the RIGHT people - otherwise it
    is just painfull for everyone esp. the bird. You sound like
    you want what is best - and the best thing you can do - is
    learn through education and learn from other peoples tips.

    Best wishes.

    On 6/21/06, Leigh wrote:
    > I feel soo silly writing this post.
    > I am not a mom yet, but I have a breeder holding a baby
    > for me. OK here is my problem...
    > I am 20 and a BIRD LOVER, my fiancee' and I are NOT having
    > children (b/c I have a neuromuscular disease and in a
    > wheelchair) and I want something to love and to love me
    > back. I am home ALL the time and plan to work from home
    > but I will be returning to school in the fall (for no more
    > than 3 hours a day). I have been researching, reading and
    > asking numerous owners/breeders on advice.
    > I was recently on a website that was almost telling me not
    > to get my umbrella and I saw HORRIBLE pictures and I am
    > not reconsidering getting my baby, I am just SOOO nervous
    > that I will do something to my baby to hurt it
    > psychologically! I am desperate for some insight on how I
    > can overcome this brain violation from this weirdo who is
    > the ONLY one on the net who has said all these things. But
    > the worst part is that there are people that agree with
    > this person and REGRET getting their Cockatoos!
    > Well, anyway, I just hope someone can help and just
    > reassure my heart and head, b/c I don't want to be a bad
    > mom!
    > Thanks so much!!!
    > -Leigh