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Re: No More Worries about My Umbrella! Yay!

Posted by Elizabeth on 6/22/06
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    I am glad that you are taking things seriously, which tells me
    the most. I tell everyone who brings home a baby from me - from
    parakeets on up to think long term. That quirks that you allow
    as babies will become more irrating long term - the cute love
    bites you allowed bc you thought it was cute to let your baby
    play with your fingers - when sexually maturity is reached may
    be less of a love bite and more of an ouch~!

    That is the main thing - think LONG term - the best advice I
    give is to keep your parrot as balanced as possible so if
    something happened to your or your husband or both - your bird
    would transition with the least amount of stress. Stress yes,
    but a well behaved parrot with manners, rules and socialization
    would adjust better than one who is allowed to have "cute quirks
    they will outgrow" - to change a pattern once is is eastablished
    in people or birds is HARD. Can be done but takes time - better
    to prevent than try to clean up the aftermath.

    Also, if you don't have a will make one (look up free ones on
    the net that are legal in your state, normally just something
    notarized, make 2 -3 copies store in a fire proof safe or bank
    dep) - make sure you have a provision for your parrot. Why?
    Because they outlive us alot and because you don't want some
    realative deciding they can make a buck instead of finding the
    right situation. I can NOT tell you how many times someone
    inherits a parrot and then makes a quick buck - they don't care
    who they go to as long as the $$$ is green.

    If you don't have anyone locally (family) who would be the right
    fit for you bird -clubs sometimes have people who do rescue only
    or other parrot owners who you click with that would be your
    parrot backup. Find someone who would be a good in case of
    person - you can always change it if needed. I want people to
    raise their parrots thinking if something happened what would
    make it the easiest for my parrot to adjust to a new home? Also,
    have a backup for someone that can feed and care for your
    parrot. If you have an emergency that is the best thing knowing
    they are going to someone who knows your bird already. Or in my
    case, if you have an emergecny (mine was a fire) as the cages
    are in the house you need temporary cages. I have a friend who
    does rescue - and she has extra cages - so I was going to call
    her to house my birds..I did not need to as the fire was
    contained to the attic, no smoke damage at all etc. but in an
    emergency it is nice to have a backup plan.

    On 6/22/06, Leigh wrote:
    > Hey Leann and Elizabeth,
    > Thank you so much for your advice, I really appreciate it. I
    > talked to my baby;s breeder about this yesterday and she
    > understood my concern but assured me that I would make a GREAT
    > umbrella mom. Here is just a little bit of background: I am
    > with the Mississippi Wildlife and Fisheries Bird Rescue and
    > Rehabilitation. I have handfed and set free Mockingbird babies
    > (mealworms and formula-double gross!) I have also tried
    > lovebirds and I found them to not be the species for me.
    > Mainly because they loved to hate their mommy and the breeder
    > was stumped and so was I! My fiancee (Joe) and I, went to a
    > bird fair in our state last weekend and there wereso many
    > beautiful birds there! I fell in love with a cockatoo there
    > (Goffin) that actually is owned by my breeder! The bird flew
    > to me and set up home in my lap the WHOLE day and tried to
    > bite her mom and my fiancee when retrieving her! Obviously I
    > was HOOKED!!! Who couldn't be!! I have ordered several books
    > on cockatoos in general, am reading every bad or good thing I
    > can get my hands on! I also have a friend who is a Triton
    > Breeder and I called him last night and he knows me very well
    > and he reassured me that I would be a wonderful Umbrella mom,
    > So all your wonderful comments just assure me that I am human
    > and I will make mistakes but I will do my dangdest to be the
    > best mom I can be! I will be firm and consistant and repel
    > those birdie-eyes no matter how sweet and innocent he/she looks
    > (don't know sex yet breeder is getting it dna'd)!! I will stay
    > on this post and ask more questions as they come up!
    > Oh, one more thing I recommend ONE book in particular -
    > Parrots for Dummies- By Nikki Moustaki(?) BEST GENERAL BOOK I
    > HAVE far!! lol
    > Thanks again for your help and concern!
    > -Leigh and Joe