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Re: No More Worries about My Umbrella! Yay!

Posted by answer for Liz on 6/22/06
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    On 6/22/06, Elizabeth wrote:
    > Yes I did, do. Not because of her but because of my son who just
    > plain adores her. Which is good but bad. I love my too very much and
    > will do only what is best for her, even if it breaks my heart.
    > :-(
    > Elizabeth
    > (PS Why not use your own name? Wondering if this is going to turn
    > into lynch Liz day.)
    > On 6/22/06, Question for Elizabeth wrote:
    >> elizabeth, did you not recently have a cockatoo you were selling
    > or
    >> sold? forget the exact species, but a cockatoo. it was an adult,
    >> I beleive?

    no lynching for liz, flattered that you may be. i just thought that
    was quite a significant bit of information that seemed to be left out
    of all your advice. whatever the stiuation, incoporating that story
    might have helped someone since the advice was based on personal