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Re: Elizabeths' Cockatoo "situation"

Posted by astute observer on 6/23/06
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    not up to anything. saw your ad at up at six, and thought it was a bit
    ususual that you chose to not post it on birdmart classifieds, when you do
    use them to sell or look for other birds.
    when someone conveniently leaves out, what I consider to be rather vital
    information when giving bird advice, it tends to lessen their credibility.
    i distinctly recall your story but will not post the details here.

    On 6/22/06, Elizabeth wrote:
    > Not flattered - just most boards when someone does not leave their real
    > name it means that they are up to something. No name posters are often
    > people who are looking to start trouble for the pure fun of it.
    > The information that I left out of my advice is not appropriate in this
    > situation. The advice I gave is based on all parrots - with some
    > specific cockatoo information thrown in as appropriate for the species,
    > situation....
    > Not only that I have no desire or need to air my personal situation out
    > on this board. It is for people who are learning, expanding their
    > knowledge of parrots by asking questions or helping others. I incoporate
    > stories into the answers that I feel it is benefical for other people -
    > this was not one of those cases.
    > Thanks~!
    > Elizabeth
    > --------------------------------------------------------------------
    > no lynching for liz, flattered that you may be. i just thought that
    > was quite a significant bit of information that seemed to be left out
    > of all your advice. whatever the stiuation, incoporating that story
    > might have helped someone since the advice was based on personal
    > experience.