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Re: Elizabeths' Cockatoo "situation"

Posted by Alison on 6/23/06
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    On 6/23/06, astute observer wrote:
    > not up to anything. saw your ad at up at six, and thought it was a bit
    > ususual that you chose to not post it on birdmart classifieds, when you do
    > use them to sell or look for other birds.
    > when someone conveniently leaves out, what I consider to be rather vital
    > information when giving bird advice, it tends to lessen their credibility.
    > i distinctly recall your story but will not post the details here.
    I'm a bit confused here. What did Elizabeth say in her post that made it
    vital to know she sold a Cockatoo she had? I can't seem to figure this one
    out. I do know she said:
    "I know personally I would
    rather stand in my bird room with every one of my pairs
    going than to be in the room with a happily expressing
    cockatoo. I just am NOT cut out for it."
    Did I miss something, or is this a personal thing? -Alison-