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Re: Elizabeths' Cockatoo "situation"

Posted by Jolene on 6/23/06
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    Leigh, I read thru the responses quickly, but did not see one of the most
    significant points that I had to figure out for myself. --*Be prepared to take
    a couple bites*-- It happens and it can mean a bunch of things, it's not
    neccessarily an anger or attack issue, my worst bite was from my U2 trying to
    warn me when I had him outside and a pinecone fell from our tree (I think).
    Just understand that it'll probably happen and your immediate reaction is so
    important since U2s just thrive on the drama of a situation like that.

    Also, please consider some of the pelleted foods. I have 4 parrots - all
    rescues - and I can say with complete confidence that all of their behavior
    improved noticeably once I got them on Harrison's as per my vet's advice. I
    supplement with cutoffs from whatever veg or fruit I'm having myself. And
    they all get a little bit of seed mix sometimes because, let's face it - we
    all gotta have an occasional cookie.

    With the U2 breed I cannot express how important it is to be careful to
    not "overhandle" your bird. They can be needy and if they don't learn to play
    quietly alone, they'll freak out and cry for your attention all day. Standard
    parrot toys are good, but also get a couple foot toys that he can carry around
    the cage. Those bird Kongs or the 'Knaw & Klaw' hard rubber toys are both
    good, as are the baby links you can buy. My Jack likes all of them.

    Congrats on your new baby bird! I also freaked out when I saw, but
    my flock is happy and healthy and I try very hard to meet every need they may
    have. It's only when people lose interest and begin to skimp on care,
    attention, or food quality that a bird begins to go downhill in my opinion. I
    just rescued an IRN languishing on a Wal-Mart seed diet and kept apart from
    everyone else in the family on a back porch. The same bird is currently vet-
    checked and doing well on Harrison's - she's quarantined to the other side of
    the house, but at least she's inside and in 2 more weeks she's moving into my
    main living room with the rest of the cages. As long as you're a big enough
    person to seek out a more appropriate situation for your bird if you do lose
    interest you can still be a good bird mom. There's nothing sadder than a bird
    who self-mutilates out of boredom or neediness.