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Re: Elizabeths' Cockatoo "situation"

Posted by Elizabeth on 6/23/06
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    The reason for finding her a home was written on ads that I placed on this
    site - go back through and look if you are really that in need to monitor
    what I do. Several of them actually are written showing, why, I have nothing
    to hide. They are their, I personally prefer to put the listing for the
    cockatoo on upatsix as with this site I get more people who know nothing
    about birds wanting her for a first time parrot, which I will not do.
    I did not leave anything "conveniently" out - so maybe you just have nothing
    to worry about or like to create trouble, seeing as you still hiding behind
    no name or email contact so I am voting that direction. My name and email
    address was listed on most of my posts so if you had wanted to ask all you
    had to do was drop an email. Instead you decided to post it here... ?

    Now, if you have any advice to offer I am sure other people would be
    interested as you seem to be able to judge my situation w/o any idea. The
    information I give out to other owners is informative, correct and helpful.
    There is nothing helpful in your "questioning" my validity - others that
    have been benefitted by my help and that is why I post.

    She is not being re homed bc of noise, she is quieter than any of my small
    conures. I love her dearly and will do what is best for her. She is really
    wonderful and one of two species of cockatoo I would ever have, goffin being
    the other - when I bird sat the M2 my ears felt like they bleed when he was
    happily letting me know morning had come. So no M2's, u2's, citrons etc.
    for me, which is what the information I left was about. Not sure if you have
    cockatoos but there is a big difference between the species of cockatoos -
    if they had been asking about a bare eyed I probably would have went into
    depth more, but it wasn't and the situation was different. I leave valid
    pertinent advice to people- you just seem to want to be nosy. :-)

    PS if you wish to respond - stand up and at least leave your name vs hiding
    behind the mention validity and leaving
    information "conveniently" out....seems to be more of an issue with you than
    me. -Hiding behind no email contact and leaving no name is the #1 way people
    lurk and then start creating "issues" that really only exist in their own
    heads. Anyone else have any problem with the fact that I didn't get into my
    personal experiences with a different species of cockatoo than what was
    being asked about? I believe my information was accurate and hopefully
    helpfull to the person asking.

    On 6/23/06, astute observer wrote:
    > not up to anything. saw your ad at up at six, and thought it was a bit
    > ususual that you chose to not post it on birdmart classifieds, when you do
    > use them to sell or look for other birds.
    > when someone conveniently leaves out, what I consider to be rather vital
    > information when giving bird advice, it tends to lessen their credibility.
    > i distinctly recall your story but will not post the details here.