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Re: Umbrella Cockatoo /Good Luck Leigh

Posted by Jim on 6/23/06
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    On 6/21/06, Leigh wrote:
    > I feel soo silly writing this post.
    > I am not a mom yet, but I have a breeder holding a baby
    > for me. OK here is my problem...
    > I am 20 and a BIRD LOVER, my fiancee' and I are NOT having
    > children (b/c I have a neuromuscular disease and in a
    > wheelchair) and I want something to love and to love me
    > back. I am home ALL the time and plan to work from home
    > but I will be returning to school in the fall (for no more
    > than 3 hours a day). I have been researching, reading and
    > asking numerous owners/breeders on advice.
    > I was recently on a website that was almost telling me not
    > to get my umbrella and I saw HORRIBLE pictures and I am
    > not reconsidering getting my baby, I am just SOOO nervous
    > that I will do something to my baby to hurt it
    > psychologically! I am desperate for some insight on how I
    > can overcome this brain violation from this weirdo who is
    > the ONLY one on the net who has said all these things. But
    > the worst part is that there are people that agree with
    > this person and REGRET getting their Cockatoos!
    > Well, anyway, I just hope someone can help and just
    > reassure my heart and head, b/c I don't want to be a bad
    > mom!
    > Thanks so much!!!
    > -Leigh
    As you are getting a young bird Leigh you will be able to
    teach it the rules pertaining to your home and it's home also.
    Plenty of good fresh foods and look up the lists of no no
    foods and make sure you are above height of your bird when it
    perches on your arm and not your shoulder or head as you need
    to be the leader of his flock and he must not dominate you
    and do not show fear. If you organise your life the way you
    need to live and allow your bird entry to suit your lifestyle
    always mindful of your birds needs you will be fine. Any bird
    is a committment and not to be taken lightly but great
    rewards if the person bringing the bird into their home
    realises they must be the leader as pecking order is a big
    deal and learn how to read your bird as they are all
    different and be mindful the cute baby you are getting will
    go through many stages until it matures and then maturity
    brings it's own problems to be dealt with just like having
    kids. Just make sure you have a fair insight into everything
    and then decide if you are up to it. I think you sound as if
    you are. :)
    Good luck