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Re: Elizabeths' Cockatoo "situation"

Posted by Leigh on 6/25/06
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    On 6/23/06, Jolene wrote:
    > On 6/23/06, Leigh wrote:
    >> Thanks so much for the advice ms. Jolene.
    >> I have one question... How do I go about not "overhandeling"? How can I get the
    >> bird to play happily and quietly in their cage?
    >> Thanks again and thank you for the congrats. Me and my fiancee are thrilled to
    >> get her -in like 10 wks.
    >> -Leigh
    Thanks so much for the advice and I really appreciate the insight on how to handle
    my bird and boundaries. I think that is so funny that your bird goes crazy for a
    lint roller. I guess birds are a lot like human toddlers. You can buy expensive toys
    but they really get more of a kick from the box it came in! Thanks again for the

    > The best way I can describe it is to not respond to his every call...much in the
    > same way you begin to cautiously let an infant self-soothe while in their crib.
    > Also, U2s are the "velco" birds, so if you want to hold and cuddle them all day -
    > they'll let ya! Resist the urge for long cuddle sessions or very frequent
    > handling unless you're prepared to provide the same level of handling without fail
    > for the life of the bird. My Jack gets about 2 hours of actual handling total per
    > day.
    > Also, and this is just a curiosity I've discovered with Jack: with as expensive as
    > parrot toys can be, Jack's absolute equal to crack cocaine seems to be a lint
    > roller he can throw around on my wood floors. I don't know what it is about the
    > lint roller, but he goes crazy when he even sees it. He'll flop onto his back and
    > fight with it, screaming. He'll fly around the room with it, throw it against the
    > wall, and when he's run out of stuff to do...he'll bring it to me so I can hide it
    > in plain sight while he watches and he can find it and bring it back to me.
    > I've always kept one by the door to us efor myself and when I moved his cage
    > closer to the front door and he saw me rolling it over my clothes he flipped. It
    > was by chance that I discovered it is his favorite toy.