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Post: cockatoo sufer crest in anahiem ca.

Posted by name is cookie on 6/22/06

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    cockatoo sufer crest in anahiem ca. his name is cookie
    he mean alot to me. he will jump on your arm when told to
    with saying jump holding you arm up i have since had to
    move and i wake at time just thinking of him.i had him for
    over 10 year .someone had took him once when i lived in
    houston tex. and got him back my kids and i moved to
    anaheim ca and my kids had other kids in the house and
    they may him fly out the door i looked for him till i made
    myself sick and family made me come back home were i grow
    up and i have never been happy or well with out him.he
    dose not care to much for man he a women bird.and i do
    miss cookie so much and cannt get over him iam in my 50
    now and still find myself crying for him thank you for
    your time to hear me out COOKIE I MISS YOU BAD
    thank you

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