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Post: U2 rehome

Posted by kevin on 7/14/06

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    I have an unsexed we think male Umbrella cockatoo that's
    2.5 years old. we are the second owner and got him from a
    loving first owner who went to school and couldn't keep
    him. He is a big boy at about 800 g. He is a fully
    feathered beautiful bird. He has no problems with anyone
    and is around dogs cats lots of people and is very
    sociable with everyone. He travels well and is currently
    in Texas with us on vacation. We live in central Florida.
    He also sails with us on our boat. He is well loved and
    someone is always home with him. We may let him go if we
    can find the right home . The only reason is we have a
    migraine sufferer in our home and our boy is a cockatoo
    and they are loud. No biting and a love muffin he is. If
    you can offer an above average home and have experience
    with U2s email me with what your experience and situation
    is and we can go from there. I am negotiable on price but
    a proper home for our boy is the most important thing. I
    am in central Florida and wouldn't even consider any
    shipping. He is our baby and want someone special to have
    him. Thanks Kevin

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