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Re: painting - what kind of paint?

Posted by Toby's Mom on 7/29/06
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    I have painted our house with latex paint while having two
    parrots in the house. We moved the parrots to a room as far
    from the room we were painting and made sure all windows were
    opened. Also, I think some paints now advertise their latex
    paint to be almost oderless ... such as Glidden. I guess the
    safest senario; however, is to have a friend or family member
    keep the birds for a few days at their house.

    On 7/29/06, Elizabeth wrote:
    > On 7/27/06, Julie wrote:
    >> I have a CAG and a U2 and I need to paint the walls in my
    >> house. What kind of paint is safe to use around birds? I
    > am
    >> not painting the rooms they are in. I can put towels at
    > the
    >> bottom of the doors and shut the register vents off until
    > I
    >> am done and the paint is dry. I have latex paint on the
    >> walls now. The base boards were done in an oil base paint.
    >> Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ~Julie
    > The few times I have had to paint I have removed the birds
    > from the house during painting and for a min. of a few hours
    > after. Not sure if you could do this or not....ask a friend
    > or family member to bird sit. My cockatoo likes to visit my
    > mom - she thinks it is her vacation from us, she gets
    > spoiled and we can relax and do whatever we have to do. ;-)
    > Use fans, filters etc. to help the air clean out faster as
    > well.......