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Re: goffin Cockatoos

Posted by Fran on 8/13/06
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    On 8/11/06, JoseF01 wrote:
    > About three months ago, I bought the cutest and most
    > adorable baby goffin cockatoo available in south
    > florida... He is fully weaned and roughly 9 months old. He
    > will eat anything and everything, very playful and loving.
    > Everything is wonderful except... our baby every so often
    > will cry and beg like a new born (What a set of lungs, he
    > can go for minutes "whinning" without taking a breath).
    > Will he eventually outgrow this or is there something I
    > can do to help him get over the crying. We give him plenty
    > of love, toys and food. Any words of wisdom would be
    > helpful.

    It sounds like your baby might be having some weaning "regression". This could
    be caused by many things (including the move to your house). Has an avian vet
    checked your baby to make sure there is no physical reason for the crying?
    Also, are you checking his weight regularly? This is a very complicated issue
    which I'm sure will resolve, but in the meantime you want to do what you can to
    make your baby feel secure. I am posting a link on abundance weaning. It is
    rather long but will give you some good information. You may want to start
    feeding your baby some warm mushy food or formula from a spoon as a
    "comfort" feeding to get him through this adjustment.
    By the way, I do own a cockatoo and can tell you that they are needier than
    other breeds, but are wonderful pets.

    Good luck with your new baby.