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Re: goffin Cockatoos /BOA (Beggar of Attention)

Posted by BRAVO!! on 8/15/06
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    > Dear BOA (Beggar of Attention),
    > I know you have this demented attraction to Fran and you attempt
    > to spur her on with your senseless rantings, but what Fran has
    > said is legitimate and very real in the world of birds. You'll
    > probably also say that this was just one of your "funny" retorts
    > and we should all lighten up and enjoy your witless humor.
    > Those of us who are "experienced" breeders and hand feeders
    > us or not) have gone thorough this at one time or another with
    > any of the birds we have raised and not just Cockatoos. While
    > it's not the norm, it does occasionally happen and needs to be
    > addressed for the well=being and proper development of the bird
    > in question. Ignoring it is cruel and virtually guarantees
    > future developmental and social issues in the bird.
    > Feel free, at any time, to jump right in and tell us of your
    > knowledge and EXPERIENCE when it comes to hand feeding and
    > raising birds. I'm sure that will put a smile on quite a few
    > faces.
    > Since you are the fan of analogies, allow me to offer this one
    > you. When you are potty training or weaning a child from using
    > bottle or wearing a diaper, you don't decide that on a certain
    > day the diaper will come off and the bottle will be put away
    > whether or not the child is capable of handling the termination
    > of either of these things.
    > Much like children who develop and different rates and "wean"
    > themselves when the time is right, so too do baby birds.
    > Until you speak from experience and not out of your rear end,
    > please refrain from commenting on thing that you obviously are
    > ignorant to the fact or you can't find in your Wikipedia on-line
    > encyclopedia.
    > Ms. Baker

    Well Said!! Too bad new-comers to this board may be unaware of
    the antics of some posters. Ignoring them works great but only if
    you know the offenders.

    I'm with you Ms. Baker, I would like to read of some experience
    with raising babies, feeding birds, traveling with them or
    anything pertaining to a pet with details included as to not start
    a flurry of responses because he/she listened to the avian vet and
    went with her advise so it wouldn't be necassary to include

    So, lets read about some pesonal experience or are all of your
    birds the real soft fluffy kind from Toys-R-Us??