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Re: goffin Cockatoos /BOA (Beggar of Attention)

Posted by Sonoma on 8/15/06
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    On 8/15/06, Tammy Faye wrote:
    > what Fran has
    > said is legitimate and very real in the world of birds.

    And you expect me to take her point of view more seriously simply
    because you say so? What I have said is that I do not agree with
    Fran's idea about weaning regression no matter how many people
    agree with her. The evidence you have presented simply does not
    meet the criteria threshold that I demand to change my opinion on
    the subject. Sorry.

    Weaning regression is a load of crap. That is my opinion. Someone
    else may agree with me and others may disagree. It is not a crime
    to disagree with someone, you know?

    You will have the choice of either reading what I write or
    ignoring what I write. Either way, I may disagree with any opinion
    if I choose to do so.

    > Feel free, at any time, to jump right in and tell us of your
    > knowledge and EXPERIENCE when it comes to hand feeding and
    > raising birds.

    I have no need to prove anything to you nor anyone else in order
    to have a valid opinion on any subject. Birds are able to breed on
    their own and the act of "breeding" birds is a superfluous act
    unless you are introducing some different strain to effect the
    offspring in such a way as to cause an improvement in color,
    disease resistance, or some other desired outcome such as breeding
    a rare or endangered species that is having trouble breeding in
    the wild due to habitat destruction. Just placing birds in proper
    breeding environments is not such a highly skilled thing nor does
    it have any significance to ME in regards to knowledge much above
    the average bird owner.

    > When you are potty training or weaning a child from using a
    > bottle or wearing a diaper, you don't decide that on a certain
    > day the diaper will come off and the bottle will be put away
    > whether or not the child is capable of handling the termination
    > of either of these things.

    Well if you don't at some point, you will raise a very disturbed
    child (in my opinion). Once the child is capable of feeding itself
    and is potty trained there should be no regression to infant
    behavior. To do so can seriously undermine the child's development.

    It happens, sure. That is one reason there is the need for
    psychiatrists in the society. That is also one reason (in my
    opinion) for their being many birds who pluck, especially

    To observe this idea in action, all one has to do is go to a pet
    store and pickup a Goffin or any other Cockatoo and discover the
    animal will allow hands all over its body with hardly no
    introductory period involved. When one tries to handle other birds
    in that manner that do not know the person, it usually involves a
    bit of spilled blood of the handler depending on the bird's size
    and the handler's actions to win the trust of that particular bird
    before approaching it.

    That is what is called empirical evidence in science circles. It
    always works that way and it will work that way for anybody. It is
    not affected by the handler being an experienced bird breeder or
    someone who has never actually touched a bird before with their
    own hands. it happens because that is the way Cockatoos are.

    > ...Much like children who develop and different rates and "wean"
    > themselves when the time is right, so too do baby birds.

    They may develop at different times according to age, but once
    weaned, regression is not a good idea (again - in my opinion).

    > Until you speak from experience and not out of your rear end,
    > please refrain from commenting on thing that you obviously are
    > ignorant to the fact or you can't find in your Wikipedia on-line
    > encyclopedia.
    > Ms. Baker

    I do speak from experience. I have more than sixty years
    experience. Experience does not have to be specific in order to
    draw conclusions. Since you like analogies as well, here is one
    for you on the point of experience....

    If you are told as a child a stove is hot and it will be painful
    if you touch it with your bare hands, you might very well touch it
    anyway to see if that is true. It does not take long to learn that
    when a person much older than you and a parent tells you such
    things, it is likely to be true.

    When that same parent tells you to look both ways before you cross
    a road because an oncoming car can kill you accidentally, you are
    not likely at that stage of development (old enough to cross a
    highway on your own) to test that premise by dashing out into
    traffic to see if it will indeed kill you or not. You have learned
    to believe in certain things and certain people.

    As you become a mature adult, you have no reasons to doubt things
    that you read if the source is known to not only be trustworthy
    but correlates to other things you have experienced and know to be
    true. At some point in life (if you are a thinking individual) you
    tend to even expand that experience into such things as abstract
    concepts and philosophies. At this point in development, it is
    valid for you to state your opinions and beliefs and conclusions
    on any subject.

    Unless there is significant evidence to point to your having
    misunderstood on a wide variety of topics and experience during
    your lifetime, then it is unlikely you will change your mind.

    And thank you for reading the Ex oticbirds.US/forum/ as a guest.
    You have admitted it by using my favorite nickname of "BOA" as
    that is the only known place I currently post that nickname as I
    recall. Feel free to join there as a member if you find it
    interesting. You should be aware, though, that you must behave as
    that is a moderated and friendly forum. Doing things like
    insulting people by turning their nickname into something the
    acronym does not stand for will most likely not be tolerated by
    the webmaster there but you can test his judgment there if you

    Tammy Faye Baker. Ha! Now that I find very humorous. Good one. I
    can just see the mascara flowing down your cheeks in my mind. BTW,
    it is spelled Tammy Faye Bakker. Has PTL gone Buddhist now? :)