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Re: breeding cockatoos

Posted by Penny Jean on 11/18/06
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    On 11/18/06, Brian wrote:

    > I just re-read what D.B. had wrote.
    > D.B. apparantly you have not been to forum.
    > There is a constant open forum 24/7 for people to submit questions to
    > others for advice and there is an archive (years of questions and
    > answers at your disposal) of answers submitted by people who either
    > encountered situations and have found answers or have an ongoing post
    > thread that is continual. Stock answers...... what a joke! These are
    > real life people with real life situations helping each other.
    > I don't know, but maybe you got Booted out of there. I really wish
    > people would give the actual facts instead of making things up to suit
    > their needs. You don't sound too intelligent to even be raising birds,
    > I guess why that's you downgrade They would have your
    > HEAD, because of people like you who think the way they do.
    > Oh, and by the way, just because you give your birds their hiding
    > spaces from people interaction, doesn't guarantee your Male will not
    > kill your Female. Geesh!!!!!!!! Get a life!
    > Brian

    Brian, if you're going to be the spokesperson for Mytoos, please be nice,
    or I'll have to slap you a good one. Ya hear?