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Re: breeding cockatoos

Posted by Brian on 11/18/06
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    On 11/18/06, Penny Jean wrote:
    > On 11/18/06, Brian wrote:
    >> I just re-read what D.B. had wrote.
    >> D.B. apparantly you have not been to forum.
    >> There is a constant open forum 24/7 for people to submit questions to
    >> others for advice and there is an archive (years of questions and
    >> answers at your disposal) of answers submitted by people who either
    >> encountered situations and have found answers or have an ongoing post
    >> thread that is continual. Stock answers...... what a joke! These are
    >> real life people with real life situations helping each other.
    >> I don't know, but maybe you got Booted out of there. I really wish
    >> people would give the actual facts instead of making things up to suit
    >> their needs. You don't sound too intelligent to even be raising birds,
    >> I guess why that's you downgrade They would have your
    >> HEAD, because of people like you who think the way they do.
    >> Oh, and by the way, just because you give your birds their hiding
    >> spaces from people interaction, doesn't guarantee your Male will not
    >> kill your Female. Geesh!!!!!!!! Get a life!
    >> Brian
    > Brian, if you're going to be the spokesperson for Mytoos, please be
    > or I'll have to slap you a good one. Ya hear?

    Penny Jean,

    I'm not trying to be a spokesperson for anyone. But, be reasonable. If
    you're going to give out advice, especially with these birds at least know
    what you are talking about and give the correct information that will help
    others to succeed and also be cautious at the same time. These are not
    Canaries or Parakeets we are talking about here. These can be self
    destructing/ mutilating birds with alot of emotional problems. I am trying
    to inform this person to pre-educate himself before he gets himself into
    the world of raising cockatoos. I did alot of educating myself with my M2
    and then still wondered if I made the right choice of adopting him. My M2
    is 42 years old. I made the choice and am now ready to take on the
    responsibility because I educated myself beforehand.
    Apparantly the way you responded tends to make me wonder if you even know
    anything about the Cockatoos and their behaviour. Otherwise your concern
    for this person would be at a much higher level. Maybe you are a breeder
    too. Who kows, but I really don't care.
    Anyways my thoughts still stand, if this person chooses to venture into
    breeding cockatoos without educating be it. But, don't
    cry later if it's to much to handle. I am concerned for the well being of
    man and animal. Sorry, if you're not Penny Jean.