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Re: breeding cockatoos

Posted by Dave on 8/22/06
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    On 8/21/06, brad wrote:
    > I have been considering getting a pair of cockatoos. I
    > have also been doing alot of reading on the subject of
    > breeding birds. I have come across several accounts of
    > the female being severly injured or even killed by an
    > enraged male. Is this common, or are the episodes just
    > heavily written about? If it is common, are there ways to
    > help minimize the risk?
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Brad

    Rather than answering specific questions that are only
    opinions, it might be a good idea to check out an area that
    can give you loads of information about breeding TOOs. The
    area is called

    Many people here don't care for this other site but it will
    tell you everything about Cockatoos from A to Z. They are an
    extreme group but they are thorough and many things they say
    are absolutely true.

    In your situation (possible breeding) they are especially