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Re: breeding cockatoos

Posted by D.J. on 8/24/06
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    On 8/22/06, Dave wrote:
    > On 8/21/06, brad wrote:
    >> I have been considering getting a pair of cockatoos. I
    >> have also been doing alot of reading on the subject of
    >> breeding birds. I have come across several accounts of
    >> the female being severly injured or even killed by an
    >> enraged male. Is this common, or are the episodes just
    >> heavily written about? If it is common, are there ways to
    >> help minimize the risk?
    >> Thanks in advance,
    >> Brad
    > Rather than answering specific questions that are only
    > opinions, it might be a good idea to check out an area that
    > can give you loads of information about breeding TOOs. The
    > area is called
    > Many people here don't care for this other site but it will
    > tell you everything about Cockatoos from A to Z. They are an
    > extreme group but they are thorough and many things they say
    > are absolutely true.
    > In your situation (possible breeding) they are especially
    > accurate-----Dave

    BRAD Don't go to Mytoos Dave is setting you up. These
    people do not accept a breeder coming on and asking question.
    They don't beleive in breeding anything. They will hang
    you. D.J.