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Re: Petstore Rescue for a Goffin

Posted by YOU Rude People on 10/04/06
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    It's no wonder this chat board is slowing down. You people
    need to keep your mouths shut and rud opinions to yourself.
    They are obviously honest, good bird owners out there and
    good potential owners who indeed are doing their research.
    You need to stop snapping at innocent peeople whom simply ask
    honest questions. Perhaps yes, sometimes they sound stupid
    but typing your questions doesn't always come out the way you

    So please, stop being such jerks and answer only if you can
    help. Don't bash people for asking a question you feel is

    Thats my two cents
    and I cannot wait to see how many a$$holes respond and
    continue to once again amaze me and be rude. It's getting OLD