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Re: Petstore Rescue for a Goffin

Posted by Fran on 10/05/06
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    Aly, I applaud you for considering this older cockatoo. It is
    sad that his last owners would "dump" him in a petstore without
    any regard for his welfare. It sounds like you have given this a
    lot of thought and are prepared to bring this goffin home.
    Sometimes the right bird "finds" you.

    Since he is not agressive (no biting, only scared) I think you
    will have a much easier time getting him settled into your home.
    I have "ransomed" birds from petstores and I agree, it's not
    good to buy from petstores, but in this situation (a older
    rehomed bird) I think it is a different situation. Please let us
    know how things are going with him. Fran.