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Re: Petstore Rescue for a Goffin

Posted by Brian on 11/05/06
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    Hi Aly and Fran too,

    I need to share my happy story with you. I too was looking for a
    Cockatoo, but couldn't really afford to buy one so I found our
    local Bird Adoption Agency and decided to investigate and
    hopefully adopt a bird who was much more deserving of a home. As I
    am on Social Security Disablility and was very upfront with the
    Adoption Agency with my situation, I awaited my call of either
    acceptance or rejection. I got the call and I was delighted to
    hear the results.
    I was able to obtain the Goffin Cockatoo. But, much to my
    surprise, a Moluccan, whos owner had passed and having this bird
    in the family since the age of 1 was also needing a Forever Home.
    Now mind you this bird is 46 years young and I am 48. When I went
    to pick up the Goffin that I was originally looking to adopt, the
    lady had seen how the Moluccan and I were interacting and
    suggested that I would be a good parent for the Muloccan (named
    Lucky) and the rest is history. The previous owner had passed away
    and was a Male, so I am only to assume the bird has associated
    myself with his previous owner because the lady had stated that
    the bird would not let other men approach and touch him they way I
    could. I was very honored to have been chosen by this big guy. We
    are both so "Lucky". When I got him home he was so content with
    me that within the first hour he was eating his fruits and
    chattering. Made me feel good to know he was content.
    I know this story may be quirky to others, but I feel great. So in
    conclusion, this is a very happy ending to an Bird Adoption.
    P.S. I also received his large cage too which made him feel more
    at ease with his new home. Thanks again for letting me share my


    On 10/05/06, Fran wrote:
    > Aly, I applaud you for considering this older cockatoo. It is
    > sad that his last owners would "dump" him in a petstore without
    > any regard for his welfare. It sounds like you have given this a
    > lot of thought and are prepared to bring this goffin home.
    > Sometimes the right bird "finds" you.
    > Since he is not agressive (no biting, only scared) I think you
    > will have a much easier time getting him settled into your home.
    > I have "ransomed" birds from petstores and I agree, it's not
    > good to buy from petstores, but in this situation (a older
    > rehomed bird) I think it is a different situation. Please let us
    > know how things are going with him. Fran.