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Re: Petstore Rescue for a Goffin/Brian

Posted by Kel on 11/05/06
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    What a great story Brian. I hope everything works out great for the
    both of you. Sounds like you are going to be a great owner for him!

    On 11/05/06, Brian wrote:
    > Hi Aly and Fran too,
    > I need to share my happy story with you. I too was looking for a
    > Cockatoo, but couldn't really afford to buy one so I found our
    > local Bird Adoption Agency and decided to investigate and
    > hopefully adopt a bird who was much more deserving of a home. As I
    > am on Social Security Disablility and was very upfront with the
    > Adoption Agency with my situation, I awaited my call of either
    > acceptance or rejection. I got the call and I was delighted to
    > hear the results.
    > I was able to obtain the Goffin Cockatoo. But, much to my
    > surprise, a Moluccan, whos owner had passed and having this bird
    > in the family since the age of 1 was also needing a Forever Home.
    > Now mind you this bird is 46 years young and I am 48. When I went
    > to pick up the Goffin that I was originally looking to adopt, the
    > lady had seen how the Moluccan and I were interacting and
    > suggested that I would be a good parent for the Muloccan (named
    > Lucky) and the rest is history. The previous owner had passed away
    > and was a Male, so I am only to assume the bird has associated
    > myself with his previous owner because the lady had stated that
    > the bird would not let other men approach and touch him they way I
    > could. I was very honored to have been chosen by this big guy. We
    > are both so "Lucky". When I got him home he was so content with
    > me that within the first hour he was eating his fruits and
    > chattering. Made me feel good to know he was content.
    > I know this story may be quirky to others, but I feel great. So in
    > conclusion, this is a very happy ending to an Bird Adoption.
    > P.S. I also received his large cage too which made him feel more
    > at ease with his new home. Thanks again for letting me share my
    > story.
    > Brian
    > On 10/05/06, Fran wrote:
    >> Aly, I applaud you for considering this older cockatoo. It is
    >> sad that his last owners would "dump" him in a petstore without
    >> any regard for his welfare. It sounds like you have given this a
    >> lot of thought and are prepared to bring this goffin home.
    >> Sometimes the right bird "finds" you.
    >> Since he is not agressive (no biting, only scared) I think you
    >> will have a much easier time getting him settled into your home.
    >> I have "ransomed" birds from petstores and I agree, it's not
    >> good to buy from petstores, but in this situation (a older
    >> rehomed bird) I think it is a different situation. Please let us
    >> know how things are going with him. Fran.