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Post: Petstore Rescue for a Goffin

Posted by Aly on 9/02/06

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    I was wondering what you all would consider a "fair"
    price for a 5 yr. old terrified Goffin at a local not so
    nice petstore. He/she wants to be in his cage the entire
    time and runs to it if taken out. He doesn't bite but
    needs a ton of work. We want a Goffin baby in the spring
    and we are parrot knowledgable. We just stopped in and I
    believe in god and faith etc. I just think it is very
    ironic that I happen to come along and see him there all of
    a sudden. I know petstores aren't good to support but I
    just really want to get this guy out of there. His owner
    moved out of state and gave him to the store or sold him to
    them to sell. I see he has the potential and he is really
    scared about being there. Their parrot cages are in a
    terrible spot and he is nervous with all the random people
    walking by and touching his cage. We stood their for
    several minutes and he seemed to get curious of us being
    ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Were going back
    with cash next week to try and get him to sell him for a
    cheaper price. His cage is a cockatiel sized cage probably
    about 18 x 16 and sooooo small for him. He(the shops
    assistant) said he wanted 750 for the mollucan (I nearly
    fell over and nicely argued it was a goffin)(he is the only
    cockatoo there). The owner wanted 750 for him/her and an
    additional 100 for the cage with him. Don't want the cage
    obviously. I find that to be alittle ridiclous. He then
    offered no lower than 600 for the bird which is still crazy
    for a bird that needs work. It's not that I don't want to
    spend the money I just don't want to get taken on it. I
    think it is fate that I came along and met him/her now.
    We've been looking for the "perfect" type for quite some
    time and decided on a goffin next year when the breeding
    season returns. We are fully prepared to start
    rehabilitation and obviously not knowing how much he indeed
    will need I'm not willing to pay that much for him. I just
    pray he doesn't pull at my heart b/c then I'll be paying
    that price to get him out of there.
    THANKS and any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. My
    plan is to there with a counter offer in cash and hope he
    realzies it is best for the bird, any longer in those
    conditions he'll start plucking and getting stressed. Not
    to mention, no one handles or attempts to give him any type
    of interaction to stay entertained.
    Poor baby.
    Not to mention the fact if we do get him I'm calling the
    vet and making an appointment immediately. I'm sure he has
    defeciences for not having the proper diet.
    Thanks again
    Again we are prepared and know a lot about cockatoos and
    their screaming etc. The attention they need etc. I know,
    and don't need to be lectured. Just let me know what a
    fair price is in his condition. I'm not thrilled with
    supporting this petstore on selling birds but this Goffin
    doesn't deserve this life til some sucker comes along the
    road months later and doesn't realize what they are getting

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