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Re: Petstore Rescue for a Goffin

Posted by Toby's Mom on 9/02/06
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    I wish you all the best in your efforts to purchase this
    Goffin. First you need to scour the internet on Goffin
    prices so you can know whether or not you are paying way too
    much. I did a quick Google search and saw some older Goffins
    for sale at around $400-$500. Let the store owner know you
    have done your homework and know the going prices.

    If it were me, I'd ask the petstore owner if the bird has
    had a complete medical workup by a avian vet and could I see
    a copy of the results. Most likely he hasn't had a workup.
    Then I would tell the owner it is going to cost $200 or so
    for all the tests the bird should have done and I want the
    price reduced by $200. I'd also get a written guarantee that
    I can return the bird after the vet visit if there are
    extreme medical issues.

    If the pet store owner continues to try to hold the bird
    hostage for a ridiculous sale price, you could complain that
    the bird is not kept in proper size cage, etc and you are
    going to contact the local humane society and file a
    complaint. Now that may either make the store owner want to
    give you the bird for a good price or it may piss him off
    and you are back to square one. Whatever, I hope you prevail
    and this little guy gets a good home. Let us know what