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Re: Fanning Tails

Posted by Becca on 11/07/06
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    On 11/07/06, Debbie L wrote:
    > On 9/04/06, Saira wrote:
    >> I've read all over the net and in books that a G2 or any
    >> too fanning it's tail fully is a sign of then trying to
    >> be "bigger" and is a sign of aggression.
    >> Now, eyes dilating (in other birds) could be aggression,
    >> scared or being happy and pleased with something.
    >> Is tail fanning the same thing? Is it always aggression or
    >> could it be happiness as well??
    >> Thanks
    >> Saira the Goffin Girl Cockatoo
    > My Goffin is a DNA Male and he does it when he is being
    > I think it means that he is laughing. My guy is going to be
    > 3 in Feb. He is very entertaining. When he is aggressive
    > puts his crest up and holds his wings up. Hope I was of
    > help. Debbie L.

    my cockatoo fans her tail and wags it like a dog. usually when
    she's happy or getting a shower, not when shes being
    aggressive. she does the poofy thing and raised crest when
    shes being aggressive also.