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Re: cockatoo

Posted by Jessie on 10/11/06
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    On 10/11/06, melissa bohannon wrote:
    > i just bought a cockatoo today. so im really new to all
    > this. i would like to know what kind of cockatoo he is.

    Please forgive me for being rude....but WHY ON EARTH would
    you buy a Cockatoo not even knowing what it is?????

    Who sold you this bird? Shame on this person.Cockatoos are on
    of the most sensitive of all the parrot species and most
    certainly not for beginners. I will assist you only because I
    care about the bird. And, I highly recommend you listen to
    any and all advice people give you on this site. There are
    some very good people here who will also be very upset by
    this as well.

    Describe this bird please... And the cage size... and what
    you are feeding him....

    My guess is if this person was irresponsible enough to sell
    you this bird, you probably did not get the corrent info
    about caring for him either.


    Sugar Mountain Aviary